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29 May to 4 June 2016. We’ve been expecting you…

This week I took Sunday off to catch up on a backlog of movies but I made up for it during the week. I’ve now got more shots covered in layout than not. The end of June target for full layout coverage looks achievable after all. Woo!

This layout feels nicely different to anything I did in 2015. I’m treating it much more like animation

– using stepped/constant keys instead of interpolated keys. This gives it a much rougher yet snappier feel. Hopefully steppy layout will carry through to snappy animation!

It’s a long weekend here in Western Australia. I’ve taken an extra day off from the day job to stretch it into a four-dayer. There’s at least another twelve hours of work to get full layout coverage and I’ve got three free days to play with.

So. Will I smash through the remaining 39 shots like a demon or will I go and look at quolls on my day off? Hopefully both, but find out next week for sure! 🙂