Who am I and what is this?

A curious chuditchHi. I’m S J. I’m from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. I like quolls.

That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about the blog.

There are quolls and their marsupial ilk. There’s animation, marsupial-related and otherwise. There shall one day be animated quolls, but probably not quolls making animation although they are highly intelligent animals so you never know.

Also there will likely be posts about whatever else I’m into which might include stargazing, shoegazing, ecology and conservation, languages, coding, silent movies…

If you’ve never seen a silent movie, go watch Buster Keaton’s 23 minute short The Goat.

There will be no ads for toilet paper. This is not Tumblr. But there will be quolls.