Who am I and what is this?

A curious chuditchHi. I’m S J. I’m from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. I like quolls.

That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about the blog.

There are quolls and their marsupial ilk but they’re a bit rarer around here than before. There’s some animation, marsupial-related and otherwise. There shall one day be animated quolls, but probably not quolls making animation although they are highly intelligent animals so you never know.

There’s a lot of stuff about Eurorack from 2017-2018 when I caught the modular synthesiser bug. I called my modular synth DASYRAC after the dasyurid maruspial group, many of which are quolls.

For a good few years this was a creative journal so you can read about me almost making a short movie for a few years then more or less giving up because it was much harder than I thought.

Other posts include whatever else I’m into at the time, including languages, coding, silent movies, etc. (As of 2019, I’m learning Japanese.)

If you’ve never seen a silent movie, go watch Buster Keaton’s 23 minute short The Goat.

There will be no ads for toilet paper. This is not Tumblr. But there will be quolls.