A timelapse for the modelling process and part of the rigging process for Pointy from my forthcoming cartoon “A moment in the sun”. The video is unedited, complete with questionable decisions and short pauses when I get stuck – apologies for silence.

This character’s only ever meant to be seen side-on, hence the weird geometry.

In this video you can catch a glimpse of:

  • modelling with subdivided meshes and curves
  • using the Edge Crease tool (Shift-E in edit mode) to tell the Subdivision Surface modifier where not to get involved (various)
  • using Vertex Groups in combination with Shape Keys to non-desctructively model an eyelid 5:44
  • how not to model a hand if you know what’s good for you 6:25
  • how to make things circular using the Looptools add-on 9:04
  • how not to taper your curves
  • how to taper your curves using Taper Object 13:51
  • how to fix mistakes (too many instances of this to pinpoint)
  • how to build a basic rig
  • how to skin a rig so it looks horrid (right at the end)

Lots more to do, then. I’ll remember to hit “record” for part two. 🙂

Made in Blender 2.71 test build. Not using any specific new features though.

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