Pointy’s rig is finished! (Ish.)

A timelapse for the modelling process and part of the rigging process for Pointy from my forthcoming cartoon “A moment in the sun”. The video is unedited, complete with questionable decisions and short pauses when I get stuck – and this time there’s some narration.

This character’s only ever meant to be seen side-on, hence the weird geometry.

In this video you can catch a glimpse of:

  • rigging curves using hooks parented to bones 0:53
  • making custom bone shapes (“rig handles”) 5:50
  • tidying up the rig by locking unneeded controls 7:48
  • the hackiest IK foot setup in the universe 11:10
  • fixing a reverse finger curl 18:05
  • setting up lattice deformation 20:31

Made in Blender 2.71 release build. (Not using any specific new features though.)

By quollism

A creator of quollity stuff.