Welcome to 16 to 22 March.

This is a rough mock-up of the first shot of the film featuring a quickly modelled burrow with stones around the entrance. It shows the framing pretty nicely and also gives me a list of things to see to. This should be alright for layout and animation purposes but there’s a ton here to pin down and fix before render.

Not much happened this week in the way of movie making. I made a few minor adjustments to the story and otherwise let things settle for a week while I got on with dayjob stuff.

I switched over to left mouse button select in Blender on Wednesday just to give it a try. The biggest changes are that RMB becomes the cursor/scrub button and Face Select doesn’t work as nicely in Weight Paint mode. Other than that it’s mainly a muscle memory change for selecting elements and scrubbing/placing the cursor.

Nothing much else to report then. I had a few attempts at making poffertjes which didn’t work out but that’s neither here nor there.

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