Muddling along with the cold coming in

It’s been 14 to 20 May 2017. It’s getting cold and wet here which means the winter blues are starting to hit. For one happy moment, the wet and cold reminded me of Amsterdam and the gezelligheid at Blender Conference. It didn’t last.

In general it’s been another week of aimless muddling and missing sleep. In specific, I read up on electricity and electronics, successfully attempted to understand the schematic of a simple audio mixer, played around with the analogue/CV mini-studio a bit more, researched more extensions for said studio and missed too much sleep too often because of it.

Here’s hoping I can snap out of this funk, navigate my problems, recover my energy and focus and patience, and get back on track soon – if only so I’ve got something more fun to post about next Saturday!

Speaking of Blender though, the new Blender Institute project Agent 327: Operation Barbershop hit the web last Monday and you should all watch it. Big congrats to the team for pulling it off, especially director Hjalti Hjalmarsson who is a big part of the warm fuzzy memories I have of Blender Conference. Top work, everyone!

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  1. Watched the short at the Blender Meetup in BrisVegas today. Played heaps better in a crowd with booming soundtrack. We had a projector and proper amp.

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