Little things

It’s been 7 to 13 May 2017.

Turning AMITS back into an active project is proving difficult. I sat down and drafted out the opening scene of the movie, the one that gets Pointy and Gronky to the moment of meeting the robot, and it was just a mess. A mess which exists can at least be turned into something non-messy though.

I’d have started working on refining said mess into something better but I’ve been feeling super flat lately, maybe even mildly depressed. When that hits, I put down what I’m working on and work on the things that are holding me back. No point trying to climb mountains with broken fingers.

The road out of here is probably more small pieces of work – a few tutorials to build up skills, work on smaller projects like character and prop builds. It’s helpful to have a big thing and a couple of smaller unrelated things on the boil to switch between, and that’s about all I can summon up the energy for at the moment.

See you next week!

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