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Blender Conference 2016, part 1

It’s been 23 to 29 October 2016 and I’ve been at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam! G’day to any new blog readers from BC2016 and thanks to everyone who tweeted my talk on Saturday night! 🙂

I have been showing the AMITS animatic to various people since the conference began on Friday. The feedback so far has been super useful. People have been positive about what I’ve shown them and it’s making them smile and sometimes laugh, but I’ve had some really solid critiques about it too. Many of the notes point to pacing issues in the film’s home stretch and that it feels a little long. Other feedback suggested clarifying certain story points, being more specific about the walkie talkie, making Gronky even more playful and silly, and so on. And maybe Pointy talks too much.

As people watch, I’m trying to note which jokes and gags are making people laugh and which ones aren’t hitting. There appears to be no real pattern with what makes people laugh. Everyone’s at least smiling, which is good.

Everyone who’s looked at the animatic at the conference.. I honestly can’t thank them enough. Even just going off the notes I’ve got now, I can get the edit to a much better state without making any drastic changes.

I gave a five minute talk on Saturday during the Open Stage to spread the word on this project and this blog in particular. (I sold it as a litany of failures for wise people to learn from.) The five minute talk included a little excerpt from the work in progress animatic, so I’m letting everyone else see it too. 🙂

I’ll rework the presentation into something that doesn’t need me narrating it and link it in next week’s journal. 🙂

That’s all for this week. I’ll be back home in Perth again next week with epic jetlag. See you then!

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