Staying in the current moment for a sec, here’s a head work in progress. The nose is too blocky.

There’s still of course the story of how i got to this point, but it’s probably better not to tell it all in one chunk. Breaking it up makes it easier to swallow.

Blender Stuff I made

Editor’s note: Once upon a time, the photo blog and creativity blog were two different blogs on Tumblr. They got imported into the same WordPress blog and combined into one single thing. This post is where the creativity blog begins.

Welcome to Quollism vs Blender, where i try to become a generalist using the free open source software Blender. Blender can do many useful things and i’m going to try to become not terrible at all of them. As i’m typing this, i’m doing a course to get better at modelling.

Genuine competence at any 3D-related skill will likely take some years. Seems fair.

This is a render of the oldest Blender file i can find in my 3D directory. It is a cloud. Very likely i produced it by following a tutorial. I’ll try to keep straight tutorial posts to a minimum. They are boring.

I do need a first post though and it’s either this or a badly rendered pencil. I like clouds better than pencils.

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