Here is a glorious golden retopologised quoll, mostly done. Some of the topology around the neck.. well.. we won’t talk about. And there’s a reason the hand is out of shot. It is so not done yet.

But I did spend Australia Day modelling a quoll and now I know a bit more about how to use Contours and Polystrips so.. uh.. yay! 🙂


Here’s an OpenGL render of where I’m at with the quoll in glorious radioactive green matcap. It’s not as cartoony as before but it looks a bit more like a quoll so that’s something.


Welcome to 19 to 25 January 2015Hectic task switching at the dayjob this week sucked a lot of my energy away so I didn’t get much done after hours, but it’s the Australia Day long weekend this weekend so I’m modelling an Australian animal. A quoll to be precise.

This quoll is slated to appear in two shots of “A moment in the sun” from the waist up. Since both appearances are waist up, I’m not bothering to model any legs. Waist-up is fine. Just like a newsreader.

I started doing a screencast recording for the quoll’s build process (just like the old days!) but for some reason the screencasting was interfering terribly with sculpting. So, no screencasts until I’m ready to retopo him. Maybe tomorrow. Making a screencast, in particular doing the narration, is time I could be spending dragging the movie towards being finished. Admittedly so is playing Far Cry 4, but some days you just want to hop on a friendly elephant and trample goons.

The rewrites are still ongoing – at this point the story’s done and it’s all dialogue and gag rewrites, just trying to funny it up, give it more snap. The biggest story and design task remaining is Pointy. He’s coming along well but I’ve yet to nail a voice and character tone for him. I’ve got a running gag for him which shows some promise, a good character bit. 🙂

Over the week I read The Noble Approach, a book about the renowned animation designer Maurice Noble. It made me realise that I have done precious little production design for this project, yet at the same time the book gave me a solid idea of what points design is involved when making a cartoon. It’s a solid and wisdom-packed book which I can highly recommend.

Hopefully the day job eases off next week so I can get stuck into the movie again and shunt it along from rough animatic to planning. If my whole working year is like this though, the movie’s going to take a very very very very very long time to find the energy for. Wish me luck!


Rough boards are finished. Yay! This is a spoiler-free version of shot 105. The spoilery bit has been replaced with a chuditch.

Now to go back and figure out some dialogue timing.

Australian Animals Photography

This is an eastern quoll being all curious and nose, posted from @MtRothwell which is the Twitter account of the Mt Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre in Victoria, Australia.

NB: If this has been reblogged, it’s highly likely that even more names have been added since. Here’s a permalink to the original post.

Here’s a few other folks working with Australian wildlife or associated disciplines who have Twitter accounts. Follow them for news from the field and awesome quoll pictures.

  • jude (@fudgeh0g) – currently engaged in zoological field work around the Pilbara, quite possibly the last habitat of the endangered northern quoll that hasn’t been invaded by poisonous cane toads
  • Jack Ashby (@JackDAshby) – a self-professed “Australian mammal nerd”
  • Trent Forge (@TrentForge) – a Ph.D student studying spotted-tailed quolls
  • Melissa Jensen (@MelissaJensen_) – a Ph.D candidate working out of Adelaide involved with western quoll reintroduction to the Flinders Ranges
  • Stephanie Hing (@Conserv8nVet) – a Ph.D candidate and vet and conservation scientist working out of Perth’s Murdoch University on woylies
  • Tim Doherty (@TimDoherty_) – another wildlife researcher, much of his work has centred on studying feral cats
  • A S Glen (@AS_Glen) – an NZ-based ecologist studying invasive species
  • Conservation Ecology Centre (@ConservationEC) – a Victorian organisation focussing on the Cape Otway ecosystem
  • Mulligans Flat (@MulligansFlat) – a wildlife sanctuary in the ACT
  • Nature Conservation Trust (@NCT_NSW) – a NSW-based trust committed to private land conservation

This is a list in progress and I intend to add more Aussie wildlife researchers and organisations working with quolls and other Australian marsupial predators as I find them. So stay tuned!