So that idea I’ve been hoping to have, something I can turn into a short movie.. I had it. And I’m doing it.

The project is working-titled: “A Moment In The Sun”. These are the two main characters. In the script their names are Gronky and Pointy.

My production diary so far:

30 April

  • Came up with the nugget idea during a tea break at work and sketched down a big monster being yelled at by a smaller monster. The smaller monster is standing in the larger monster’s shadow and ranting “You’re blocking out the sun!” – this is the central idea. It is a small thing. It is perfect for a “junior” animated short.

1 May

  • Drawing the two characters and figuring out what they should look like.

2 May

  • Did a sketch of the musical soundtrack, or at least something like a musical soundtrack. Won’t use it. It’s rocking but I wanted something a bit more sedate.
  • Drew that nectarine dragon thing. Decided it wasn’t Gronky enough.
  • Successfully carried off a nifty rigging experiment, the significance of which I shall reveal in good time.

3 May

  • Drafted up a script. It was three pages long and really elaborate. Vowed not to produce that script because it was too elaborate. I just want to make a little film, damnit. Just a little one to begin with. Is that too much to ask for? Is it? IS IT??!?
  • Got sketching some more. Figured out that Pointy should look like an arrow. Also figured out that Gronky should have more of a hump.

4 May (today)

Sunday is my focussed creativity day, so it was all systems go!

  • Resisted the urge to model the characters. Modelled an infinite white backdrop instead. Yeah!
  • Wrote a simpler iteration of the previous day’s script that went for half a page. No gag at the end.
  • Split the script up into story beats and shoved the beats into a spreadsheet. (I believe this may be known as a “beat sheet” in the biz.) I ended up with 23 story beats, including an ending where [REDACTED]
  • Drew storyboards from the “beat sheet” using Krita – any given beat took anywhere between one and seven drawings to do.
  • Compiled a story reel in Blender with the storyboard drawings timed out.
  • Viewed the story reel. The ending was.. rubbish.
  • Rewrote the ending. The events leading up to the ending are a set-up and the ending is now a pay-off. Comedy!
  • Re-drew storyboards, recompiled story reel.

I ended up with about seventy storyboard drawings in the end, and timed out they add up to a movie that runs about 65 seconds (1560 frames) long. Works for me!

This is not a profound tale of profound significance through the ages. It is merely a light-hearted tale about a gentle giant and a one-eyed shadow-hating idiot.

Maybe the full working title should be “A moment in the sun between a gentle giant and a one-eyed shadow-hating bastard”. AMITSBAGGAAOESHI for short. Or in French: “Un moment au soleil entre un doux géant et un salopard borgne qui déteste les ombres.”


Storyboarding the new project. You’ve seen the nectarine monster, now meet the Other Guy.

This little arrow-nosed guy is really passive-aggressive and obnoxious.


Don’t know what to call this monster. But I do know I want him to look like a hulking big nectarine with a toothy grin. He speaks in big monstery grunts and casts a shadow wherever he goes. This is probably not his final form.

He’s for the Next Thing.