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7 to 13 February 2016, we hardly knew ye.

The computer’s all set up now. Yay!

This week I kicked off an entry for the monthly animation challenge 11 Second Club. I’m polishing my own entry using notes from other people, and watching other people’s WIPs and giving notes to them. You can see a WIP attached to this week’s post. It’s a draft so the execution isn’t great but other forum peeps are into the interpretation, so that’s encouraging. 🙂

It hit me this week that instead of thinking “this is how long it takes me to do X”, I’ve started thinking “this is how much I can do given timespan Y”. I used to hate the idea of deadlines, but after SculptJanuary I’ve come to appreciate that in some cases a finite span of time to finish something is dead useful – better for focus, more certainty, being forced to make better use of available time instead of just taking more time.

After all that time spent in story mode over 2014 and 2015, I’m really enjoying working on stuff that
isn’t story development – design, animation, surfacing, rendering, editorial,
etc. It’s not because I don’t want to finish AMITS – on the contrary! All that time I spent doing story work was necessary experience – I had to learn the craft of developing a project for a particular resource pool and running length. But In hindsight, it’s self-defeating to only develop my skills on stuff I’ve personally written. (Pathological egotism? Fear of the unknown? Misunderstanding the path to the goal? Who can say…)

Even if I do want to make a film, I can learn just as much if not more by allowing other people to choose stuff for me to work on. AMITS is still going to happen if I have anything to say about it, but trying to climb straight up that particular mountain just wasn’t working out.

So for this month, it’s cute werewolf families and the odd story sketch for AMITS. Then we’ll see.

Thanks as always for reading!

A moment in the sun Journals Stuff I made

So. 31 January to 6 February 2016.

I spent all week getting my new computer set up and copying my personal archive to a shiny new disk so that the old machine will have a snapshot of it. It’s about a terabyte and a half of stuff.

Then came getting the new computer going as my primary desktop and.. well.. let’s just say Windows 7 is having some severe issues settling in. Many failed updates. Many late nights, many swear words, many “reverting changes” boot/shutdown screens and many disappointed sighs when I discover I’m still stuck with Internet Explorer 8.

As much as I’d like to ditch Windows for Linux (currently Xubuntu) completely at this point, I’m stuck with Windows for audio work and of course gaming, among other things. Definitely not planning on making the jump to Linux-based audio any time soon either.

That said, it’s really awesome to see Linux distros getting more and more capable with respect to music and seeing more pro-standard audio tools become available for Linux – I’m really pleased that u-he is working on Linux versions of his flagship audio software, for instance. I’m open to the idea, but not as something to do this weekend. 🙂

I think I’ve finally cracked the missing story element of “A moment in the sun”. A certain piece of mid-19th century French music has been very helpful. So more on that front next week.

Bye for now!