So. 26 January to 1 Feburary. Mainly this week I played Far Cry 4. A lot of Far Cry 4. There’s not actually much to report because of all that Far Cry 4.

I did a bit more modelling on the quoll during Australia Day.

On Saturday evening, I finally sat down to chart out the rest of pre-production. I now have a diagram of the tasks left to do (stuff like music, sound effects, dialogue, character voice dev, thumbnail, animatic)

with dependency relationships indicated (e.g. I need both scratch and thumbnails before I can do a rough animatic pass).

What came out of creating the dependency diagram is that I’m way behind on the art direction side of things. Art direction in pre-pro covers everything from from gathering reference to producing concept art. It’s something I can do whenever, much like Pointy’s voice development.

It’s way better having a plan of attack laid out in front of me instead of a series of doables with vague connections looming amorphously in my head. Even once I’d finished the rough version, I felt dim for not having made it sooner.

Perhaps I’ll smarten up the diagram and make it something I post weekly. At any rate, that’s it for now. I’m off to go bouncing around Kyrat again with a grenade launcher again liberating radio towers until I get so bored with it that I don’t want to do it anymore.

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