So. 4 to 10 May 2015. Have some jiggling.

Honestly there’s not a lot to report. Momentum on “A moment in the sun” is still near zero. Fortunately, the eye infection situation seems to be improving and my interest in doing single-night-turnaround VFX shots has tapered off, so I’m ready to start refining the first draft of the layout into something sexier.

As part of the downtime, I’ve been showing the first draft layout to people to create that whole “vicarious audience” effect, see what they think of it, see if they laugh at the bits they’re meant to, etc. Seemingly everyone mentions the bus stop. I’m not sure why the bus stop fascinates people the way it does. It’s just a bus stop. My theory is that they’re not used to seeing crappy Australian concrete bus stops in cartoons and it’s remarkable for them to see a little familiar piece of their neighbourhood up on screen.

I’ve also been taking in some short films – I’m going through the 50th Anniversary box set from the Annecy International Animation Festival, watching Spike and Mike compilations, that sort of thing. That’s been an even more effective palate-cleanser than doing other stuff. Some of the shorts I’ve liked more than others.

At this point I’d like to have a tighter version of the layout to have on me during MIAF in the second half of June, even if I don’t work up the courage to show it to anyone. (I’m not sure whether people drag one another aside at animation festivals all “Look at what I’m working on!”. It’s my first one.)

Also it would be good to have another certain thing done by the time I hit up Melbourne but what that is I’ll keep secret for now.

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