Oh 11 to to 17 October 2015, where have you been?

week I took a running leap at writing the ending of “A moment in the
sun” as well as crafting gags for the midsection of the film.

first attempt at bringing everything to a close was verbose and
overstuffed with ideas. There were even snake superpowers which cured
Pointy of his fainting. (See this week’s image for Snake Pointy.) Even
though it was off the mark, it felt great to get stuck in and draft
something out after what feels like a long time away from that part of
the process. The subsequent refinements feel really good, so I’ll be
doing those up into a form I can submit to other folks for review to see
what they think of it.

gag crafting is something I’m doing every night before bed. I’m aiming
at one gag an evening but tonight four of them have shown up. Only one
of them is actually any good. I feel like “deleted gags” could almost be
a special DVD feature at this point. Some are too racy, some are too
local.. and there’s one gag in particular that runs up to the line and
farts on it without necessarily crossing it. Suffice it to say there’s
two powdered white substances that have a reptutation for making people
hyperactive – why someone would abandon a  suitcase full of icing sugar I’m not sure, but it’s my movie and I say that’s what happened.

Besides which, Mr Chaplin did a cocaine joke in Modern Times and still got a G rating so I’m game.

one part of the film that remains a mystery in the specific is the introduction. Time to sketch that next, I suppose.

it for this week. Next week’s post might be early or late or more
numerous than usual because it’s Blender Conference time again – I’ll be
flying out to Amsterdam tomorrow night to attend. I look forward to
seeing at least some of you there. 🙂

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