Welcome to 6 to 12 December 2015 where Pointy flies through the air Kaeloo-style!

I got two more shots in layout on Sunday. The subsequent shots call for some cartoony action which Pointy’s character rig wasn’t easily capable of. So this week turned into a rigging week.

Pointy can now be dangled from his neck in midair. I’ve achieved this by having two separate control rigs for his spine. The more traditional control rig has a parent-child hierarchy that goes from hips to nose (!). By contrast, the dangle rig splits its hierarchy at a “dangle point” at Pointy’s neck so that the lower body is parented to the upper body. This means I can animate Pointy’s bottom half as a hanging weight much easier. It’s hypothetically possible to do dangles with the old rig, but it’s stupidly time-consuming. This new control system will work out much better.

I also put IK/FK switch controls on the legs, created a tumble mechanism, polished up the eye controls and started implementing corrective shape keys to make extreme deformations around the neck less pinchy and foul.

That’s all for now. I’ve got a nasty subacromial bursitis in my right shoulder which needs to heal up after being needle-fed some nice juicy cortisone on Monday. I’ll be taking it as easy as possible on the mousing and typing front this coming week to give it a chance to heal up, so there might be less to report next week. We shall see!

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