There’s no better way of enjoying yourself than playing music, there really isn’t. And my thing never was just to be famous or just to have a big head, that was never what for me was the centre of what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do more than anything else is work within music and do my best to move it along and change it or add to it or evolve it or make some kind of textural difference to the whole thing, I guess that’s the passion of being an artist, you want to do something like that. And the temptation to kind of go commercial, having gone through that, I know what happens – you end up very empty inside, you really do, there’s nothing left of you. Because you … you really feel like you’ve sold out or something … in a way … when you start pleasing people. And frankly I think you please them much more, the ones who stay with you, if you just do what you really want to do. Cause I think they appreciate that you’re really playing from your heart what you feel is important.

David Bowie interviewed by Triple J, 1997

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