Australian Animals Photography

This is Charlie the chuditch from Perth Zoo having a well-deserved lie down.

That’s about it from me for the time being. I’m taking a break from “Everything needs more quolls” for a little while to work in other media – unfortunately this means not having enough time in the week to keep taking, prepping and captioning photos. So it goes.

It’s been great sharing some lesser-known Australian animals with you all and it’s been really gratifying to see people reblogging and faving the images too. I hope you’ve found it interesting and learnt a thing or two about dasyurids and more. Many of the animals that i’ve taken photos of are in trouble in the wild due to habitat loss, introduced species and other factors, so i’m happy to give them all the publicity they can get.

That said i hope i haven’t been too heavy handed with the grim realities of conservation and that it’s made for a fun experience too. 🙂

Thanks again for watching. I hope to back here banging on about quolls in the not-too-distant future. Seeya!

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