That Twitter account reset…

Just to confirm: I did indeed reset my Twitter account on Saturday. I am still at @quollism like always. However, all my old tweets and followers got reset.

I was going through my Twitter archive recently. In amongst the odd interesting thing, In amongst the usual faff, I found some pretty rotten things, stuff I would call someone out on if I heard them saying it in 2018. I decided I wanted that gone because it’s not who I am anymore, and because everyone involved has either moved on or forgiven and forgotten. There’s really no point leaving it where it is.

In the absence of a free, quick and easy way to deal with forty thousand tweets spanning nearly ten years, I started a new account, renamed the old one and set it private, then renamed the new one to the old name and shut the old one down. It’s drastic but it’s a better use of my time than spending hours picking and choosing which tweets stay and which tweets go. (I even tried that. It was very very slow.)

Unfortunately this does mean that the thousand plus people who used to follow me are no longer following me, and to them I sincerely apologise for the hiccup. Please know that every re-follow gives me a little happy feeling. 🙂

Point is, the new account isn’t the result of a hijack and it’s still me. Yay!

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