An even more off week

The week just gone was 3 to 9 September 2017. I didn’t start up Blender or switch on my modular synth all week.

I appear to be having a run of creatively unproductive weeks where I’m completely out of patience, stamina and focus. This week has been the worst one so far: either I didn’t even want to make anything or I got five minutes into half-arsing something then decided it was all too hard and gave up.

So that’s where I’ve been this week. I’d like to be somewhere different next week, within reason.

Speaking of funk in an entirely different (and better) sense, I’ve been listening to a lot of James Brown lately. Here’s a long form session from 1973 called “Doing It To Death” where James is super happy to see Maceo Parker. I hope you like it!

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