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How now, RYGCBMK◯w?

It’s been 16 to 22 April 2017.

I spent Sunday doing the last chunks of animation, including the new snake intro,  and Monday was almost all sound mixing trying to get things at a nice level. Then it was done: RYGCBMK◯ appeared on the Internet around 5:35pm Western Australian time (11:30 UTC) on Easter Monday.

Well, sort of done. Now I make an effort to at least try to connect RYGCBMK◯ to its potential audience with a bit of promotion. It would help if I knew where that audience was and to have a clearer idea of who they are (some of them are probably stoners if I’m honest), but this is something I made for myself. I didn’t start out with an audience in mind, just a yen for something happy and playful. Any broader audience was an afterthought.

Ringsnek says hi.

This stage of the creative process – promotion, marketing, etc – is where I’ve got the most to learn, and it’s where my own projects often grind to a halt. Truth is, I’m beyond my comfort zone tapping a series of people on the shoulder to say “excuse me but I made a thing and could you well um watch it perhaps?”. It brings up all these artistic insecurities and related questions. Does it show that it’s newbie work, or will people enjoy it for its happy simplicity and not care? Do I stay matter-of-fact with the write-ups on the project or do something more playful? Should I re-render it and get a DCP done and try for something like MIAF or Punto Y Raya, or should I wait until I’ve created something more polished? Should I use the shots as Animation Nodes tutorials in order to build up some creator awareness, and if so what can I cover that hasn’t already been covered by someone else?

Lots of questions, then. But what about the elephant in the room? When will I be back on the Pointy and Gronky short?

The closest answer I can manage is “probably soon”. I’m midway through a break from my day job until the beginning of May. I’ve finally got the opportunity to relax and unwind and recharge and even creatively potter around for a bit instead of focussing my efforts on a bigger project which is many months away from being completed. So yeah, “probably soon” is the most certain I can be about AMITS right now. 🙂

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