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Hi. 10 to 16 July 2016 was a rubbish week for me so here’s scene 02_01_A glitching like a boss under the new depsgraph. Accordingly, this week’s write-up is about weeks that suck and how I deal with them.

Relatively unproductive weeks have many causes. For me it could be getting overwhelmed by the giant pile of work between me and starting animation, or having my
general confidence torpedoed by a vertical learning curve for the dayjob, or a passing illness, chronic injuries playing up, freezing Antarctic air coming up for a
visit (I hate cold weather). This week, those things piled up simultaneously and Friday evening couldn’t come quickly enough.

At times like this, I’ve learnt it’s best for me to slow down – I
don’t stop but I do lower my productivity expectations to almost zero. I only take on
easy small things, because there’s always easy small things and small easy wins help me back to bigger ones. I look at
other people’s work for inspiration, try (and usually fail) to get to
bed early and generally wait for the brio to return. And when it does
and I have a measurable quantity of mental resilience again, I get on
with the bigger tricky stuff again.

Even at a crawling pace the week wasn’t a complete write-off – the
walkie talkie is a little bit better, and Pointy’s rig got updated with
a cool new eyebrow based on Algorith and Pepeland’s fantastic Bendy
Bones. I made a video about the new controls and put it to good use on a couple of shot re-dos already.

Thanks for reading. See you next week!

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