A moment in the sun Journals

It’s 7 to 13 August 2016.

The day job was crazy demanding again this week, so Pointy and Gronky are still where I left them a week ago – thumbnailed in my trusty sketchbook waiting for me to draw up some storyboards for a pitchamatic. Also there’s maybe thirty other issues to look at of various sizes – I’ve been too fuzzy, worn out and impatient to even choose something from the list to work on.

My priorities right now are all health-related: catching up on sleep, getting back into exercising regularly, re-learning how to focus my mental energy without relying on caffeine, restarting meditation to settle the old mindscape and eating a nice nutritious diet again. Won’t get anything done if I’m constantly tired, out of shape, unable to concentrate and running exclusively on HSPs and Red Bull. That’s the truth.

So I’m hoping to take care of all that and have some better news next update. See you next week! Meanwhile, the treadmill beckons…

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