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Still storyboarding…

Presenting 21 to 27 August 2016 for your delectation…

I drew another 36 storyboard images this week. I have 11 thumbnails left to turn into storyboards before I can start narrating over the top of it and creating a pitchamatic to see how it plays out. Maybe 15 storyboard images or so.


Why more thumbnails than storyboard images? I flesh our the action in the thumbnails as I go. Pointy has a rock in this sequence which gets thrown and stomped on and used to bash something. I don’t draw an anticipation frame in thumbnails because they’re just quick rough sketches, but I do draw it in storyboards because it makes the action clearer. This is how three thumbnails might turn into seven storyboard images.

I also recheck the shot and framing decisions to make sure they still work. I’ve cut a couple of shots, re-framed others and introduced a new shot.


I’m using square-on framing to keep the cinematography simple and deadpan to complement the silliness of the characters. It feels like I’m framing the action from the desert’s point of view – observant but impassive.

I also find myself taking the characters way off model in boards because it gives me a nice expressive target to shoot for once I start working with the CG versions. I really like this one of Gronky, for instance.

Thanks for reading, see you again next week!

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