Recording more scratch and finding the characters

So this is a somewhat unique project language-wise, which makes it somewhat unique production-wise. I’m doing vocal passes in English to get the emotion and timing about right, then dropping in replacements in the main character’s native language.

With only some of the phrases recorded in dialect, the characters jump in and out of English. The effect is kind of cool, a bit Hunt For Red October even. Writing-wise there’s a bit of pre-written stuff and a bit of improvisation which gets written down afterwards. The usual.

The opening scene involves the main character feeling nervous before a mysterious appointment at “Central Assessment”. He watches a news report from his home planet. I recorded two slightly different middle versions to see how they sit.

In the “spicy” version, he ends up ranting at the TV, forgetting his nervousness entirely. Watching the report gets him pissed off enough to get over his nerves. The anger makes him feel like he’s on a righteous crusade. He’s young and driven. But.. the idea of keeping that kind of character consistent episode after episode is a bit exhausting.

In the “less spicy” version, he’s fired up in a more subtle way, reminded of the reason he’s actually around, and there’s more backstory in the universe too. He’s got more of a wry, reserved confidence, out-thinking the forces of oppression instead of shouting at them. He watches his energy and channels his discontent into sheer determination. More mature. More believable. I like this guy better to be honest.

The project is so different from what I had in mind at end of August, mid-September, even the beginning of October before I decided to make a series. But I like where it’s going. Over 145+ hours of writing, drawing, voice acting and everything else over the last two months, it’s taking shape nicely.

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