This is a bit of concept art from today. The snout’s too long so I won’t be using it as a model. But I did manage to get that distinctive bunched up flesh happening over the mouth and under the eyes towards the muzzle, so that’s good. Not sure if other marsupials have that but mulgaras (and for that matter quolls and Tasmanian devils) definitely do. Cats kind of have it.

So yeah, I’ve been drawing. I’ve fallen a bit behind the schedule I wanted to keep to – I wanted to churn out two pages of stuff every weekday plus maybe four to six pages over the weekend. It just hasn’t turned out like that – life makes other plans. Not that I’m bitter about it. I expect it, even. The weather, young nephews coming to visit unexpectedly, 

Still, I’ve got through a few pages this week. Still need a lot of practice. More practice! I’ve got a 60 page sketchbook to fill up with stuff. Maybe by the time I get through that my drawing will be a bit more confident. Maybe.