I was sculpting Ktish but the head was coming out all.. woobly and not good. What to do? Lattice that stuff back into submission at once!

Lattice deform is the process of applying a lattice to a mesh in order to warp it into a different shape. The lattice is a grid of points; the points in their default configuration represent “start” positions, and wherever you move those points to is a “destination” position. When applied to the sculpt via a lattice modifier, mesh around any given “start” position warps towards the “destination position”, and this way you can non-destructively deform the sculpture.

It’s great for coarse form experimenting, correcting sculpt shapes that aren’t right, and any task where you want to move around a heap of polys at once (e.g. in a sculpted mesh where dynamic topology has been used) without having to hit up Edit Mode and faff around with proportional editing.

Related are Mesh Deform (instead of a square lattice you apply an arbitrary “cage” mesh over the top of something – slower to set up but arguably finer control) and the new Laplacian Deform which comes from hooks and science.

Just mentioned this technique on Twitter so I thought I’d show it as pictures too. 🙂